Gold Blush



In February 2020 - I just returned from the most romantic and amazing vacation in Italy with my best friend & husband.  For me - it was a time for me to rethink, rebrand & recalibrate.  I was streamlining a few new creative ideas.

While in Italy - I had a chance to use some pretty amazing products and my skin felt and looked different.  My husband and I hired a photographer to take pictures of us in Milan. My skin was glowing and radiant and it wasn't any trick photography.  It was the beauty products, how I applied them and of course the climate in Italy.

The "Ah" moment.

It was of interest to me to talk about the beauty products that really worked and at the same time build a platform for women to flourish especially in an overcrowded industry.

From my perspective – it appears that we are all conditioned to buy the same beauty products year after year.

However, there is a huge void because there is market of amazing beauty products that become invisible because they simply don’t have the budget to advertise with high-end magazines.  Many exceptional beauty products are looked over because the brand is not paying $10,000 for space in a high-end magazine to become validated for an Editorial.

Not cool.

Therefore - I plan to shake things up in the industry and go against the grain as a pearl would inside of a oyster.   I studied, researched and designed a blueprint business that would be the perfect platform for great beauty brands.

I became the CEO & The Beauty Editor of The Caviar Lookbook. 

I wanted to be the The Beauty Editor that gave a voice to smart, hardworking women who were CEOs and who developed products that work if not better than the brands featured in your luxury high-end magazines or even better than beauty products currently on the market.  My objective is to design Digital Editorals and to  financially invest in The Caviar Lookbook - without charging a fee or forcing the brands sign a 3, 6 or 12 month contract that many Agencies are notorious for.  Our doors are open to Beauty Brands that would love to have our Digital Editorials provided on a as needed basis.

Being able to promote other businesses is something I have always done in business so this is not new to me.  My very first (baby) company was Smitherman & Barnwell.

Smitherman & Barnwell collections have appeared in the most elegant magazines such as Vogue Bambini, Martha Stewart, Elegant Bride, Earnshaws, Children’s Business Magazine/Women’s Wear Daily (WWD), Grace Ormonde, New Jersey Bride, Weddingbells, The Knot, Bergen County Magazine, Modern Dog, New Jersey Life Magazine, Hamptons, Boutique Luxury for Children, Tunnel Magazine, The Bride & the Bloom, Brides, Bridal Guide, Hudson Valley Magazine, Inside Weddings, Modern Bride, San Diego Style Weddings, Star, and Tot Trends.  We were even featured on WABC-TV, a television network covering the greater New York, New Jersey and Long Island area within the United States

Over the years we have been graced with the opportunity to cater to private clients from around the globe –  from Dubai, London, Washington, D.C., New York, and the like.  The Smitherman & Barnwell private clients are prestigious attorneys, physicians and elite business women who desire to make appearances looking luxuriously their best!

I traveled with Moet & Chandon for a Fashion Statement Show which was quite impressive. Moet & Chandon honored the legacy that fashion designers represent.  As the CEO/Creative Director of Smitherman & Barnwell were among fashion designers to watch.  Designers who would make an historic contribution to style.  Moet & Chandon had taken an active role in encouraging creativity and developed a fashion showcase of dynamic and emerging briliant fashion designers to a new generation.

Several years later I started my second company -  The Luxury Poo which focuses on our best friend – dogs.

And now my third company.........The Caviar Lookbook!