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The Caviar Moment 

Our Signature Caviar Aesthetic

Our Story

The Caviar Moment is a LIVE Podcast Series featured only on Instagram.  This exclusive invite extended to guests welcomes the discussion of their beauty, health, and brilliant business. Effective 2024, we are opening up our platform to exclusive businesses that would love to have The Caviar Moment sponsor their product or service on The Caviar Moment.


We offer companies to dive into our Sponsorship Branding space as well.  This past summer, The Caviar Moment was hired to moderate a Fashion Show during Fashion Week in New York City on Wall Street. We also had the pleasure of moderating an event for Bentley Dealership in Atlanta.   Effective 2024, The Caviar Moment can collaborate with your company to become an Event Moderator for your next event.  Contact us today, to find out how we can be part of your upcoming event.


Our Caviar Collectives who follow and watch us on Instagram simply love what we highlight, recommend, and chat about on The Caviar Moment.  They especially love whom we interview and the positive, encouraging conversations on The Caviar Moment because it spotlights the owner and their amazing business.   For instance, recently we interviewed the CEO of Laguna Candles on The Caviar Moment.  Before the interview ended, Laguna Candles quickly contacted us to say they sold their most expensive product - an intricate, hand-blown glass from their collection.  This was the result of Laguna Candles being showcased on The Caviar Moment and we just love caviar moments that encourage sales for any business.


The Caviar Moment is a special part of the business that allows Vondra' to volunteer her precious time and give support to other businesses.  Her favorite quote is: "In life, it's super important to be selfless, not selfish". 


The Caviar Moment not only provides a huge platform to give support but it gives the audience a

a rich-caviar moment in the lives of others.  

The Caviar Moment | Sponsors

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