The Opulent Spa Suite

The Opulent Spa Suite


The Opulent Spa Suite | The Gifting Suite includes 7 products.


The Luxury Kimono:

Cocoon yourself in exclusive comfort and sumptuous soft velour in a dimpled biconcave soft-touch pattern.  Statement sleeves contain hidden pockets retaining sleek Kimono wrap


Ideal for daily at-home spa rituals, retro-shawl collar evokes 1940’s glamour in lightweight comfort.  Your robe purchase provides clean water for a family of 7+ for 5+ years100% long-fiber Brazilian cotton – sustainably farmed, woven by a to 440GSM by a curated composite system blending the strongest cotton fibers without fluff fillersExperienced and esteemed by hundreds of five-star hotels and spas globally


Body Cream | Date Seeds:

Award-winning hydrating body cream for all skin types with nourishing shea butter, linseed, and olive oil.

Soothe dry or irritated skin with this calming blend of natural ingredients. This body moisturizer helps to reduce inflammation and redness, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth, and supple.


This body cream is made with the anti-inflammatory extract of leftover date seeds, a by-product of date farming.

Winner of the Eco-Hero category in the Get The Gloss Beauty and Wellness Awards 2020.


Coffee Body Scrub | Peppermint:

Peppermint and Coffee Exfoliating Body Scrub with sea salt, eucalyptus, and coconut oil. Free scoop included for the first 50 orders!  Buff away dry, dead cells to leave you feeling soft, smooth, and refreshed. Blended with shea butter to moisturize the skin post-scrub.


Reused, repurposed, reloved. This scrub is made with top-quality Arabica coffee grounds sourced from artisan coffee shops.


Cleansing Face Balm | Apricot Stones:

An everyday cleansing balm to gently remove makeup (including mascara), pollution, and impurities. Skin is deeply cleansed, soothed, and hydrated.  The balm is suitable for all skin types. Apricot powder is combined with skin-calming blackcurrant seed, blue tansy, and sea buckthorn oils.


Reused, repurposed, reloved. This cleansing balm is made with the finely-ground powder of discarded apricot stones, a natural by-product of the apricot oil industry and rich in antioxidant Vitamin E.

The balm was awarded the "Best Value" product in the Women's Running 2020 Awards.


Face Moisturiser | Argan Shells:

Please note - as a temporary measure whilst we battle the global supply chain crisis, we will be shipping the moisturizer with a label applied to a clear jar. A multi-award-winning deeply hydrating, fast-absorbing face cream to nourish and brighten the skin.

This moisturizer is suitable for all skin types. Vitamin E-rich argan powder is combined with skin-soothing cocoa butter, aloe vera, and blood orange.


Reused, repurposed, reloved: This face cream is made with finely-ground powder of discarded argan shells, a natural by-product of the argan oil industry and rich in antioxidant Vitamin E.

Winner of "Best Moisturiser" in the Natural Health Beauty Awards 2021. Winner in the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2021.


Organic Face Serum with Coffee Oil: 

Hydrating Face Serum for all skin types with jojoba, sea buckthorn, and rosehip oils.


Use morning and night to help boost collagen and keep skin firm. Rich in Vitamin C, antioxidant-rich coffee, and rosehip oils fade dark spots and scars whilst brightening the complexion.


Also excellent as a hair or beard oil - jojoba oil softens hair whilst rosehip keeps the skin beneath healthy and reduces irritation.

Apply after moisturizer - as this serum is 100% oil-based, it works through occlusion, locking in the hydration provided by the moisturizer by forming a protective seal over your skin.


Coffee Face Scrub | Herbal Blend:

Coffee face scrub formulated for oily and combination skin with rosemary, thyme, petitgrain, and tea tree essential oils. 


A powerful antibacterial and antiseptic, rosemary oil help keep whiteheads, blackheads, and acne away whilst thyme has strong antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which help against acne and spots.  Buff away dry, dead cells to leave you feeling soft, smooth, and glowy. Blended with shea butter to nourish the skin post-scrub.


Reused, repurposed, reloved. This scrub is made with top-quality Arabica coffee grounds sourced from artisan coffee shops.


The Opulent Spa Suite | 7 Products.



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