The Scrumptious Scone Suite

The Scrumptious Scone Suite


The Scrumptious Scone Suite | The Gifting Suite includes 5 Products.

Chocolate Tea:

What happens when premium black tea is blended with premium chocolate? The most aromatic and delicious chocolate you've ever had! The fragrant notes of the tea are perfectly balanced between savory and sweet, and the dark chocolate adds a beautiful depth of flavor. Each tin contains 12 tea bags. Enjoy it hot or cold!

Chocolate & Fig Scone and Praline Pecan Scone Mix:

Waking up to the scent of sweet, buttery, and scrumptious scones for breakfast.  The Scrumptious Scone Suite is the perfect gift to someone you love.  This all-natural scone mix is packed with sweet glazed Praline Pecan which you are bound to fall in love with.  This Suite also includes our popular Fig & Chocolate Scones which are super easy to make British-style scones at home.  Prep is very simple.  Serve these scrumptious scones from the oven along with our delicious chocolate tea.  (2) Fig & Chocolate Scone mix makes 16.  (2) Praline Pecan Scone mix makes 16.

The Scrumptious Scone Suite | 5 Products.


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