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The Robert Hansen Mozaix | PETZ Suite

The Robert Hansen Mozaix | PETZ Suite


The Robert Hansen Mozaiz PETZ Suite is perfect for the dog lover.


You may have adopted a new pet or one that has been with your family for years.  Our pets are our children who we love dearly.  Or maybe you recently lost your favorite pet.  Robert Hansen will create a mosaic portrait that will beautifully express the love and memories your family shared with your beloved pet.  A huge part of the family, your pet will live forever in the mosaic you commission from Robert Hansen Mozaix.


How it works:

Send a minimum of 150 digital pictures in color or B&W (we do not accept printed images.) Include pictures of your pet, family, and friends.  Robert will tell a story with 100 of the submitted pictures.  Why 150? Some photos are not usable for the process.  Robert will choose the featured image. 

50% deposit is


This Gifting Suite

36" X 24" Unframed archival fine art print.


Turnaround Time

A minimum of 3 weeks should be allowed once all of the images have been received.  if required sooner, a rush fee of $1,000 will be applied.


Certificate of Authenticity (included)

Each piece includes a Certificate of Authenticity.  All canvas pieces are one of one.  A reprint can be purchased on archival paper and shipped in a cardboard shipping tube.


Augmented Reality Add-on $425| 6 Months

Augmented Reality is a layer that we can add to your piece.  Imagine a digital layer that contains audio, video, or other pictures.  Your piece will have a custom-designed trigger that will activate the augmented reality that is unique to your commission.


The Robert Hansen Mozaiz | PETZ Suite | The Gifting Suite includes 1