The Lounge & Wetbar  Suite

The Lounge & Wetbar Suite


The Lounge Chair & Wetbar Suite | The Gifting Suite includes 2 Products.


The Lounge Chair:

It's time you stop sharing the family sofa with your favorite dog.  The Millennium Dog of today is in need of its own space.  This is why this is the perfect gift to not only give your dog the comfort it deserves, but we care about the elegant appearance of their very own Lounge chair.

Watch your dog relish in our soft cushions which ensure good sleep and relaxation both during the day and at night. The backrest enriched with cushions will allow your pet to have a pleasant body position so that he can watch his surroundings in a relaxed position.


Pillows are attached to the wooden base with Velcro fasteners, so that they do not change their position, even with the busiest pets.  Covers equipped with a zipper, provide freedom of washing.

The sofa is made of plywood 18mm thick, impregnated with ecological oil of Italian origin.
Cushions are filled with an anti-allergic insert.  Covers are made of 100% cotton.

External dimensions :
- Length 62 cm | 24.4 inches
- Width 51 cm | 20.1 inches
- Height 29 cm | 11.4 inches
- Weight - approx. 7 kg | 15 pounds


The Wetbar:

Every dog has its day and today is the perfect day to order a Doggie Wetbar.

The Luxury Wetbar is a great and elegant proposition for your pet.

Thanks to our product your pet will be able to eat his meal in a comfortable position.


This is the best way of preventing digestion problems by keeping the head above the stomach, this can do just that with the correct height of the feeder. Also, if you have back problems a raised feeder can make things easier for you when removing, filling, and cleaning the bowls reducing bending and discomfort.


Made of high-quality plywood, impregnated with ecological oil. The set includes two stainless steel bowls, easy to disassemble and clean. All feeders are sanded to a 400 grit paper for a smooth and stunning finish and nonslip pads are fitted to each leg.  The product is HANDMADE.

Available in two colors: Milan (Black) or Aspen (Cream).


Dimensions of the Wetbar:

- Length 38 cm | 15 inches

- Width 22 cm | 8.66 inches

- Height 11 cm | 4.33 inches

The Lounge & Wetbar Suite | 2 Products.


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