The Jetson Suite

The Jetson Suite


The Jetson Suite | The Gifting Suite includes 10 Products.


The Jetson Bed:

Your pet will LOVE this bed. 1st quality poplar plywood- woven cotton fabric cushion - water repellent (washable)- natural felt (washable/changeable)- %100 eco-friendly. Please note the felt inside of the bed is grey.

Dimensions: Diameter 50 cm | 20 inches


The Wet Bar:

1st quality poplar plywood-

Finest quality porcelain bowl- %100 eco-friendly.

Dimensions: 35(w)x15(d)x7.5(h) cm

Risotto Rigoletto Scarf:

The Risotto Rigoletto Scarf is from The Gelato Collection. Each scarf is custom & handknit in a sumptuous knit. Our scarfs are selected with the very best wool and our one-of-a-kind scarfs vary in style. They are luxurious, whimsical, and fun for your lovable dog. Color: Pink Cotton Candy & Rainbow Taffy Confetti.  Please indicate the size below.

Blue Cypress & Neroli Shampoo & Conditioner:

When the family's Golden Retriever had 14 puppies, it was in our search for a gentle and effective shampoo & conditioner. Believing that all pets should be cared for in the way we care for ourselves, we have perfected formulas that are pure for the soul and good for the pet. This is the creme de la creme of pet shampoo. 16oz.

Toy Starbucks:

Welcome to Starbarks Secret Menu! Featuring our first secret product, a Dogicorn Frapawccino!


Toy Lick Croix:

Introducing the latest LickCroix toy! Your dog will love playing with our brand new Barkin Berry LickCroix toy.

Toy Cosmo:

Your customers will love getting one of these plush, cute, and fun squeaker toys for their dog. They will love how stylish and unique it is. Treat a special doggie today!

Rope Leash Pink:

The connection between people and their dogs is the stuff of legend. You are their parent and they love to be loyal to you. They make you feel great, while you shower them with treats. Now, you can grow closer and more stylish with the exuberant and vibrant colors of the 100% cotton handmade leashes that truly let the bond manifest itself as a representation of your strong and unbreakable burst of color.


We know that dogs can get excited and pull you along, and we get it. Why should you be the one who takes them for a walk, when they can take a turn in taking you for one? But don’t let a broken or damaged leash spoil your fun. The colorful rope leash from Petponia is made from hand-spliced rope with whipped ends for added strength and durability. Its rope type is traditionally used as a marine rope, so it is designed to pull without fraying and withstand the pull of the extreme weight. The rope leash is hand-dyed with natural dyes, so it is very eco-friendly. Made in the USA. Pink or Spearmint. Weight: 0.5lb


Lavender Dog Macarons:

Nothing says Haute French pet patisserie quite like lavender. Appealing to a subtle floral-heady palette, this naturally-flavored lavender macaron treat is perfect for the most royal of dogs!

The Jetson Suite | 10 Products.