Image by Hazel Olayres

Why the name Caviar Lookbook? Caviar symbolizes our rich skin.  Women around the globe relish in the best skincare which can be just as expensive and likened to the very best Caviar. 

The beauty industry is a billion-dollar business because women spend millions of dollars to maintain beautiful skin.  Let’s face it we all want to look our best.  This is why our Lookbook references and highlights only the very best brands.

The Caviar Lookbook is a voice of support for smart, brilliant, industrious women who are CEOs.  CEOs who developed a beauty product that works if not better than the brands currently featured in your luxury high-end magazines or beauty products currently on the market.

Without hesitation, these CEOs represent all of us who have been clients to other beauty brands for years.  However, what these smart CEOs discovered is that many of their beauty needs changed with the season.

The grade and level of beauty products were adjusting to the needs of the market.  A current void in the market is not adjusting to the scope of various skin issues that are clearly being ignored by current brands.

The Caviar Lookbook launched June 2020 for women to discover new, amazing and fresh beauty products to add to their current routine.  The Caviar Lookbook is committed to shaking up the beauty rountine and to highlight the best, fresh, new and amazing product brands.  Our focus is on people, product & presentation.

Our goal is to spotlight your brand and to direct sales and new followers to your brand.

Consider The Caviar Lookbook as the undiscovered yet rare exquisite pearl.