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Vondra' Barnwell-Williams's experience as a Budget Administrator at KPMG while managing a $40M Budget for the IT Department has groomed her as a CEO for The Caviar Lookbook.


 Working as a Project Manager with a Computer Science degree and a well-rounded background in Technology, Legal, and Fashion has been truly exciting. 

The Caviar Lookbook is a luxury boutique firm  - privately owned by The Barnwell Family.  The Caviar Lookbook is navigated by none other than her successful husband,  Joel Williams.  He is custom-fitted as the Chief Operating Officer whose background experience started with the very first company Smitherman & Barnwell.  Joel William's experience at Smitherman & Barnwell has enabled him to build strong communication with amazing business relationships.  As the COO, he continues to widen The Caviar Lookbook business globally.


The Caviar Lookbook has catered to a market of upscale clients from New York City to London to Nigeria to Dubai.  Her high-end client base has always admired her impeccable taste and exceptional style.  Many people are surprised to find out that Vondra' has traveled with the widely known luxury brand -  Moet & Chandon as a Fashion Designer with the brilliant Curator - Lloyd Boston  |

After returning from a vacation in Milan and Switzerland, the genesis of The Caviar Lookbook launched as a unique luxury gifting company to cater to high-end clients.  At the end of the day – it’s imperative to The Caviar Lookbook that clients relish feeling extremely special and most importantly - enveloped in a wealth of love. 


Starting in 2024, with the fast-paced market changing, 

The Caviar Lookbook brand is now catering to clients who no longer need luxury gifting on a smaller scale, but our vision and scope have expanded along with the demanding

growing market. 


The Caviar Lookbook will now cater to designing curated signature gifting for large events. 


We are super excited about the projects we are working on for 2025!

As many of you are well aware, the blueprint of The Caviar Lookbook gave birth to another intricate, special part of the business:  The Caviar Moment.  Initially, many people were confused and doubted our brand and concept.  With clarity, they closely watched us grow, saw our vision, followed our navigation, and eventually became our clients.

The Caviar Moment is a LIVE Podcast Series featured only on Instagram.  This exclusive invite extended to guests welcomes the discussion of their beauty, health, and brilliant business. Effective 2024, we are opening up our platform to exclusive companies that would love to have The Caviar Moment sponsor their product or service on The Caviar Moment.


We offer companies to dive into our Sponsorship Branding space as well.  This past summer, The Caviar Moment was hired to moderate a Fashion Show during Fashion Week in New York City on Wall Street. We also had the pleasure of moderating an event for Bentley Dealership in Atlanta.   Effective 2024, The Caviar Moment can collaborate with your company to become an Event Moderator for your next event.  Contact us today, to find out how we can be part of your upcoming event.


Our Caviar Collectives who follow and watch us on Instagram simply love what we highlight, recommend, and chat about on The Caviar Moment.  They especially love whom we interview and the positive, encouraging conversations on The Caviar Moment because it spotlights the owner and their amazing business.   For instance, recently we interviewed the CEO of Laguna Candles on The Caviar Moment.  Before the interview ended, Laguna Candles quickly contacted us to say they sold their most expensive product - an intricate, hand-blown glass from their collection.  This was the result of Laguna Candles being showcased on The Caviar Moment and we simply love caviar moments that encourage sales for any business.


The Caviar Moment is a special part of the business that allows Vondra' to volunteer her precious time and give support to other businesses.  Her favorite quote is: "In life, it's super important to be selfless, not selfish". 


The Caviar Moment not only provides a huge platform but we give the audience a rich caviar moment in the lives of others.  


Simply put - satisfaction is guaranteed.  We are the creme de la creme - when it comes to luxury gifting.  Our focus is people, product and presentation.  Our testimonials are golden.  Discover why people around the globe simply love

The Caviar Lookbook.


The Caviar Lookbook is the undiscovered........rare exquisite pearl.

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The Caviar Lookbook is always exceeding expectations for our clients.  Our vision is not to just sit back but to research, explore, create, design, and discover as we flourish, expand, thrive, and triumph to deliver only the best to you.

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